Nostradamus warned Italy of 'very great plague' - Is it coronavirus? This is fake news on asteroid hitting earth. According to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the massive asteroid that’s currently approaching Earth is known as 1998 OR2. This allows for the possibility of a future collision.”. There is also a third scenario by which an asteroid could be hit by another object and break into smaller chunks, sending them towards Earth. Trailing behind 2020 HW2 is an asteroid known as 2020 HO3. Antarctica SHOCK: Scientists are stunned by life 800M below ice, Life on Mars: Organic molecules NASA discovery 'consistent with life', Asteroid: NASA is tracking the movement of a 4.1km space rock, Elon Musk heaps praise on the US’s Space Force, NASA news: Space agency releases update on 2024 Moon mission, Asteroid 1249990 is on the NASA 'close approach' list. Click for Today's Natural Disasters List The, Feel free to copy and re-post, but please do link back us © 2011-2019. Map of Major Natural Disasters 2020.

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