You can sip it straight like a whiskey, but gin really shines in cocktails such as gin and tonics, martinis, and gimlets. Drinks expert Leon Dalloway sips his way through a selection of the best new-wave, artisan gins to find his must-buy bottles, complete with tasting notes. This gin is then finished in oak barrels, and the final result is a bold 109-proof gin. Harmonious and intense on the palate with extraordinary refinement. If you want to make sense of the gin section in your local liquor store, you’ll want to brush up a little on the types of gin that are available. 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Considering Hendrick’s is just 20 years old, it’s pretty impressive that you can see it in nearly any bar around the world. What’s not to love about Aviation Gin? If you want to try some unique flavours of gin but Opihr and Jinzu don’t tickle your taste buds, then Whitley Neill has a few flavours to choose from such as Blood Orange, Rhubarb & Ginger and Quince. The distillers hand peel the oranges used to infuse the gin, giving it an unmistakably fresh, citrusy taste. When the steam cools down and condenses back into a liquid, the flavor profiles from the basket are infused in the alcohol. A now-established and recognizable brand, Nolet’s was one of the original atypical gins that showcased an extremely floral, aromatic, and fruity profile. Hendrick's distills in tiny batches of 500 litres, meaning that great care and consideration goes into the taste of every bottle. Most gins are either a classic London dry gin or a slight variation. Also arriving in an appealing azure bottle, Citadelle is delicately floral on the nose and remarkably smooth-drinking. But none of those other countries has embraced gin like the Brits. It nods to the traditional London Dry flavor, but it enhances its recipe with a recipe of more exotic botanicals – including nutmeg, licorice, angelica and orris roots. If you want to splash out on a gift for the gin lover in your life, they won't be disappointed with this one. In the end, gin becomes a key element for both liquor lovers and the people selling the bottles. We love Fords Officers Reserve because the tasting profile allows you to use it as a base for mixed drinks. With so many gins on the market it’s impossible to keep up, but below are 15 I’ve tried and tested with a mix of established and newer brands. Called Beefeater 24 because the botanicals are steeped in the spirit for a 24 hours, this gin is a fragrant one. And this gin by Four Pillars certainly lives up to the Navy Strength label. Drink in simple, refreshing Highballs and garnish with edible flowers and fresh fruits. Country: Scotland Price: £35 (can be found cheaper if you shop around) ABV: 43% Buy online at Edinburgh Gin. Distilled to evoke Mediterranean ingredients, Gin Mare has aromas of rosemary, juniper, fennel seed, and a faint hint of coriander. Established in 1798, the distillery is famous for its whisky and cleverly marry this history into their gin, with a dash of new make spirit from their whisky stills added to the still before distillation. Instead, the botanicals are suspended in a basket in the still, above the base. Fords Officers Reserve is “over-proofed” aka “Navy Strength” gin, meaning it will put a little hair on your chest when you drink it. If the gunpowder burned with a steady blue flame, then the spirit’s strength had been “proven” to be around 57%. If you feel like taking the cocktail to another level, add a tiny bit of absinthe to the mixture. We’ve rounded up several of the best gins on the market to upgrade your evening drink or cocktail party. Our favorite? The 7 Best Kinds of Whiskey That Belong on Everyone’s Bar Cart, © Copyright 2020 Spy Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Media Corporation. Average price: $76. Average price: $38. Looking to sample a high-end bottle of gin (or treat a gin lover to some of the best gin on the planet)? Beaufort’s gin is infused with smoked oak and hickory along with “Szechuan and pink peppers and citrus oils” to create the impression, according to the distillery, of what the smoldering gunpowder used to test spirit might have smelled like.


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