[259], At the validation hearing of 17 January 2012, the Court of Grosseto charged Schettino and Ambrosio with the results from the records of investigation compiled immediately after the event, including the first report of the coast guard of Porto Santo Stefano of 14 January 2012, the summary testimonial information given by the members of the ship's crew, the chronology of events of the Harbour Office of the Port of Livorno, the AIS recording on record, and the PG Annotation of the Harbour Office of the Port of Livorno. Il a d'abord commencé par affirmer qu'il avait heurté un éperon rocheux ne figurant pas sur les cartes nautiques[48]. Le coût du naufrage pour l'entreprise Carnival Corporation & plc, estimé à 750 millions de dollars, doit être en grande partie pris en charge par les compagnies d'assurance, mais elle doit déjà subir près de 40 millions de dollars pour la perte d'exploitation jusqu'à la fin de l'année fiscale[75]. READ: What's inside of wrecked cruise ship? Seize minutes après l’impact, le commandant ne pouvait pas ignorer la gravité de l’accident et la perte du navire, du fait que les équipes d’intervention signalaient que les compartiments étanches (WTC) principaux du navire étaient touchés. Commandant Francesco Schettino. Si vous ne montez pas à bord, je vais vous causer une énormité d'ennuis. Vous m'assurez que vous êtes en train de remonter à bord ? Dans les jours suivant le naufrage, la priorité est de stabiliser le navire sur les rochers sur lesquels il repose. The project to upright the Costa Concordia continues on September 16. Diving Some 10 minutes later the coast guard contacted the ship again, and at this time the crew admitted that the vessel was taking on water. Read more: » Wikipedia, Tourism Information Isola del Giglio, Tuscany, Stabilisation and anchoring of the wreck to prevent any slipping or sinking, Installation of Submarine supports and portside caissons, Parbuckling (September 2014): Rotation of the Costa Concordia to bring it to a vertical position, Installation of caissons on starboard side. [300], UK's Channel 4 television commissioned and broadcast two programmes about the disaster. It reportedly took 13 seconds to correct the maneuver. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Dans la nuit du 16 au 17 janvier, un septième corps est repéré. Officier de bord : « non, négatif. They were the remaining survivors. Commandant Francesco Schettino. Within the same year of the grounding, CLIA set mandatory policies regarding the passage planning and the bridge access, while several cruise companies, including Costa Cruises, became stricter implementing real-time monitoring ship technologies to ensure vessels follow their planned routes. [276], In a separate trial for manslaughter and causing the loss of the ship, Captain Francesco Schettino sought a plea bargain agreement. Matteo Di Mariuz, who runs the popular hangout, doesn't mind the new clientele. J'enregistre cette communication, commandant Schettino. Alors qu'il navigue trop près de la côte sur l'ordre du capitaine, le bâtiment talonne un récif côtier sur bâbord (coté gauche). 22 h 35 : Francesco Schettino décide l'abandon du navire après avoir eu une conversation avec le responsable de crise de Costa Croisières. She agrees that now, when the removal of the ship is a top priority, may not be the best time to bring up life post-Concordia, but she wants people to start thinking about the future again. The Captain reportedly abandoned the ship before the evacuation was completed. Une audience préliminaire se tient le 13 avril 2013, devant le tribunal de Grosseto, contre Francesco Schettino et cinq autres membres de Costa Croisières. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). Dans l'attente de la constitution d'une association de victimes, plusieurs plaintes ont aussi été déposées en France[60], en Allemagne[61], en Suisse[62]. Commandant Gregorio De Falco. [183], In June 2012, a barge was put in place, and the removal of her radar, waterslide and funnel began before stabilisation of the ship to prevent further slippage down the sloped seabed. Environmental concerns prompted the decision to undertake the expensive and difficult process of refloating the ship rather than taking it apart on site. Le "vada a bordo, cazzo" est perçu comme un appel au civisme dans une Italie qui tourne la page du berlusconisme[34]. [203] I had done the move three, four times. The magistrate in charge of the inquiry remarked, "This is new to us — I've just seen it for the first time. The Costa Concordia disaster – The Concordia, pictured on January 15, 2012, was on a Mediterranean cruise from Rome when it hit rocks off the coast of Giglio. In some ways everything has changed on Giglio, but a few things still remain exactly the same. In addition, he noted the steering error by the helmsman, but a maritime expert testified that regardless of the mistake, the collision was unavoidable. Quatorze autres sont blessées[réf. [311], The mayor of Giglio, Sergio Ortelli, and Costa Cruises are in agreement that the large boulder to be removed from the side of the vessel should be suitably positioned on the island as a memorial to the 32 people who lost their lives. The engine rooms were flooded and propulsion was lost. Schettino attributed the final grounding of Costa Concordia at Punta del Gabbianara to his own effort to manoeuvre the ship there. They also received reimbursement for expenses and up to £2,250 for lost personal property. More than 4,200 people were rescued, though 32 people died. Passengers: 3.780 [105] On 22 February, guided by information from passengers as to where bodies might be,[106] divers found eight additional bodies in the wreck. Merchants along the port's main street usually know what belongs to whom by asking around. Sur place il y a déjà mon secours aérien". A water line marks the former level of the stricken Costa Concordia as the salvaging operation continues on September 16. Several of the ship’s crew, notably Capt. "Vous allez à bord, c'est un ordre. Ortelli has a perfect view of the operation from his office window in the port and high-resolution diagrams of every stage of the parbuckling project on his computer, which he is happy to show on an overhead monitor to anyone who asks. "They deserve a little down time.". Cette pratique est tolérée mais reste dangereuse[44]. Hide Caption 42 of 44 Getting HereFerries Après avoir été licencié, le commandant Francesco Schettino déclare vouloir retrouver son poste de commandant dans son ancienne compagnie[66]. [82] The deputy-mayor of Isola del Giglio, Mario Pellegrini, who went on board as part of the rescue operations, praised the ship's doctor and a young Costa Concordia officer, Simone Canessa, the only officer he met on board, for their help.


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