It’s time for you to learn some TikTok dances. Just as the currency of early Instagram was photos of latte art, the currency of TikTok right now is 15 to 30 second dances. You have been warned. Tik Tok platform is going to help you explore a massive platform that can support your dance skills. The song originated from a Bollywood movie but has now become a viral sensation. It's swagger made simple. Like COVID-19, TikTok is highly infectious and will take hold of you at some point. A post shared by ADDISON RAE (@addisonraee). This one is especially great for bringing the family together! Popular Tiktok stars have also joined this challenge. But let’s face it, staying inside is boring. It can look truly awesome if you can master this dance. This is another popular and easy dance I'm pretty sure no one will need much help learning. Missing the pub? Another fitting name for a TikTok to learn while stuck on your own. How many tries you think it took #handsclapchallenge #handshakechallenge #fyp #foryou #kamiahadams #bradleybeal #couplesgoals. The 'Tootsie' has that cool Drake vibe but without all the bells and whistles. It’s dull, it’s draining and leaves you plenty of time to dwell on the escalating global pandemic that everyone is talking about. TikTok dances can give you a quick sense of accomplishment. Sure Charli D'Amelio makes it look like a professional dance, but the moves are actually quite simple. One Mom posted “I am now more popular than my children on Tiktok”. While this is a difficult dance, it is entertaining to watch others do it. We must warn you that this dance is super funny. It is a super fun dance for those stuck at home and looking for fun things to do together. Welcome. There are currently over 2 million “The Box” tiktok dances. The banned horror film TikTok is ‘traumatised’ over, Tory MPs say all students who got locked down should get an automatic refund. The ORIGINAL #Renegade dance creator Jalaiah Harmon on @TheEllenShow #renegadedance #tiktok #blacktwitter #JalaiahHarmon #ellen #ellenshow, — Phenomenally Autistic (@Phenomautistic) February 20, 2020. But I must say that Renegade dance is not very easy to learn. privacy concerns regarding this app that you can read about here, ♬ Young Thug – Relationship (feat. The ultimate guide to takeaway pints in lockdown, King’s introduces Covid-19 testing plan for students, Swapping the Louvre for lockdown: King’s students on ‘year abroad from home’, Rape jokes and racial slurs sent down King’s freshers’ course group chat, 2am seminars and no library books: King’s international students on online learning, What the national lockdown means for King’s students, We went to a ‘Covid-safe’ sports night and this is what happened, Stop what you’re doing: Ed Balls is a professor at King’s, King’s professor Dr Tim Spector awarded OBE for Covid app, BREAKING: St Thomas’ Hospital locked down by ‘armed police’ following security incident. The dance reflects what most people are going through right now. Side note, if you need to clap your hands at anyone, let it be for our amazing health service working hard to keep us safe. We only recommend doing it if you’re coupled up with someone in quarantine as it could look a bit sad if you try and do it alone. It is so chilled, catchy tune and fun to watch. Many of us are choosing to stay indoors and self-isolate in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Her post performing to this dance has received over 4 million likes. Here’s how you do the Say So Tiktok dance. The song has a very catchy tune, hence it has gained popularity on TikTok with many other non-Indians attempting to master the dance. This is one of the most trending #familydancechallange on Tiktok, haha my mum and dad loved doing this dance , comment if you think we should more #fyp #family #foryou #familydancechallenge. Tiktok dances are becoming increasingly popular with more people spending time at home. However, it is a popular Tiktok dance. Praying that the food shortages caused by the coronavirus won’t lead to us actually becoming cannibals but at this point, anything could happen. Yep, 'Say So' by Doja Cat. Honestly is there anything Dua Lipa can’t do? The ahi dance challenge has over 8.5 million views. For those who want something that looks more challenging than it is, 'Cannibal' by Kesha is going to be your jam. This song is a collaboration between Bonde R300 and Godzilla. The dance move is so catchy that much other race is dancing to this tune. People have funny captions along with this dance. Whether you're quarantining on your own or you're with your friends and family, we've got the 21 TikTok dances you should learn while you're stuck in the house. People thought the Say So dance would ruin the song but Doja Cat jumped on the online trend and incorporated it into her music video.


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