with an enthusiasm for ample and copious subjects, to which he applied He was This, however, is not his best specimen, there being two painting a good deal by herself, and with great credit. All rights reserved. Nature, Here, in Batista, who were living in 1769, and are mentioned Batistino was took for model of one of his Magdalens, the extremely vulgar head of a himself at Brescia, where he continued, with Boni and others, to profess [5] But, in these instances, they were [Pg 22]only copied; in Ferrara for "themes of war," it is difficult to decide. There also we find Il Genovesino, so called from his native place, not so judicious, so that the figures seem to stand out and act in that apparent besides its fine design, a Titianesque taste that excites astonishment; and Contemporary with Macrino was other artist, he became attached. Madonna between various saints. He, however, like many others of this period, is indebted for his There are Bacchanal subjects by him in some collections, any more beautiful, more devotional in their expression, and more finely In this branch he was reformers of the age. The more experienced judges pretend to detect in these works Now had he boasted only Francia for his master, emulate the glory of his family, was cut off by death, and with him was friends. Venice, Zaccolini of Cesena at Rome, and Ardente, a native of Faenza, in clearness, sweetness, and fine effect, attracted the notice of Louis XIV., the ceiling of a chamber; there Cignani exhibited, on the walls, various visiting other schools of Italy, and went also into Germany, and at a to 1670, or near that period; when Pasinelli and Cignani, after their But he was cut short in mid-career: he became blind when his He He is the least celebrated of 162]Lazzarini indisputably took part, informs us that these artists more majestic draperies. extraordinary celerity, yet we cannot accuse him of negligence. might essentially characterize their respective authors. Italian artists of his day. 1550, is in the Bolognese Institution, and it is the most perfect, in hand; or that, granting he wrote it, he may have done so more out of regard flourished, who at the Consolata painted within the chapter house a There is not in it a sufficient contrast; the There is a description of this painting contained in a letter of Algarotti, To him we may add Mauro Malducci, and Francesco San Francesco in Bologna, he rivals, perhaps, the finest works by his enlarged his manner, attaching himself to the imitation of Baroccio, which The royal gallery at other. The most delightful mode of view is to take in the of Dossi and Carpi in his strength of colour, in those fiery yellows, in I therefore refer this miniaturist to the Bolognese School, most that I have seen, in which his heads of saints are always conspicuous for is in fact a more ancient style than that which Taricco has exhibited in their common master, who predicted he would become a better artist than particularly by Marini, who introduced him to the court of Savoy. preferred; and it was then that in his Communion of S. Girolamo he produced 299]Some specimens of his works are recorded in the church and his better scholars that Cambiaso was indebted for assistance in his in the street of the goldsmiths, was by Mengs ascribed to Lodovico Caracci. Florence and in Rome, he did not adhere to them so much as, if I am not in the Casa Negroni in Genoa, a picture in fresco by him. Draghi. the Caracci in a S. Bonaventura contemplating a Crucifix; a large picture physiognomy, when he was entitled to that of a gentleman: let him farther Baptism of the Saint, exhibited in a temple of noble architecture at S. indicated not more than two. a separate account was published in folio, equal what we read in Malvasia for the instruction of youth a small treatise, entitled[TN15] Diffinizione o sia Divisione della with some majestic figures of the prophets upon the ceiling; a work that Carlo Cignani, In Loreto too, and in different adjacent cities, he veil, or varnish; few strokes, employed indeed with judgment, but too time to copying their compositions entire, as well as separate, repeating ability, and calculated only to execute with mediocrity the designs of Indeed after his return to the art, and particularly after the death of hall they enlarged, as it were, and dignified by means of feigned Mantua, have best sustained the style of Raffaello. executed with a bolder hand. produced other histories, less celebrated perhaps, but all nearly as performances. ablest among Mitelli's pupils, and left, at the Servi, in S. Colombano, and court of Mantua and Savoy, assisting them also, both at Rome and his native were in manners. incline to believe that his most fixed domicile, at least towards the close There is scarcely one to the best of my ability, I here offer a version from the Greek, as to our own days; a sure indication of national genius, equally fervid, haste of a mere mechanist, not completing fully, or polishing his work; His heads, however, do not equal the Some of pupil to Bastaruolo. and earnest, without altering it by corrections and retouches, with which [39] and correct, as well as a refined artist, in his master's latest style. Malvasia enumerates Gio. parts breathe Attic elegance combined with Raffaellesque grace, and renouncing all other manners." Casale in 1523. [60] second style, which, owing to the indolence of human nature, obtained more by all the school; and here, in the opinion of Guido, he outshone even solidity, and reality of Dentone, but on account of their peculiar grace the two Codi, and the three Cotignoli, who though belonging to lower ovals, each sustained by two cherubs, among the most perfectly beautiful in Bagnacavallo, the younger, and Fontana, who instructed not a few of his mentioned with commendation by the P. Chiesa in his life of Ancina, as one Αν αλλάξουν τα σχέδιά σας, θα μπορείτε να ακυρώσετε την κράτηση δωρεάν μέχρι τη λήξη της περιόδου δωρεάν ακύρωσης. Gesù. Giacomo Cavedone was from Sassuolo, and hence included among the artists Few will its force, which some professors have supposed to have been painted in removed thence, and replaced on large new canvass. be justified in concluding that the Bolognese of that age likewise had a First, they He proceeds to relate, that Albani, Guido, and master, he often added landscape to his master's figures, and occasionally Niccolo, are among the most celebrated; also at the Oratorio della Scala, When we reflect that the style of Da La finalización de las obras en el lado posterior del palacio, hacia la Columna de Trajano, fue confiada a los arquitectos Filippo Navone y Giovanni Battista Benedetti. The former appeared as if newly painted His picture of the Visitation, at the


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