Proprio come la Chiesa che lui vorrebbe. THE CRY OF A DOCTOR IN LOMBARDY. Ricerca biografica A rivelare la curiosità, riportata da Alessandro Notarnicola sul Sismografo (14 ottobre), è Daniel Vargas, storico argentino che in seguito alla elezione di Jorge Mario Bergoglio a pontefice si è inoltrato in un’accurata ricerca biografica riguardante i luoghi dove Papa Francesco è nato e cresciuto. As a journalist I enjoy my work because it is interesting to be a witness to these times. Question: What will happen if Benedict dies? Question: Don’t these openings go back to John Paul II? If you are the pope you ought to say: it is right that everyone is allowed to believe what he wants, it is right that freedom of thought should be absolutely protected and sacred. Ho sempre voluto fare il giornalista, mi hanno convinto sin da piccolo che si trattasse di una professione nobile e importante. Se state leggendo questo articolo, è grazie alla vostra generosità e a quella di molte altre persone come voi che rendono possibile il progetto evangelizzatore di Aleteia. He speaks very little about the family, and he speaks very little about a whole series of other things. And what was this position based on? Qual è qu... Alunno cinese crede in Dio, viene costretto a... Preghiera a santa Rita da Cascia per una caus... Mistero intorno all'apertura della tomba di C... © Copyright Aleteia SAS tutti i diritti riservati. On the other hand, we now have the Abu Dhabi declaration signed by the pope that says that the diversity of religions is something willed by God. If he does not believe the Gospel, which is absolutely legitimate, he is something else. The first question by Beatrice Silenzi was: Who is Pope Francis? The true problem is the question of why he resigned: it was said that it was because he was tired and very weak, but here we are now, over seven years since he resigned, and he is still there, and he writes and speaks; and when it seems to him that there are truly things being done in the Church that are too big or that are maturing within this strange Church in which nothing is understood anymore, he talks and speaks. Daniel Vargas, storico argentino, ha rivelato l'indirizzo dopo un'accurata ricerca confermata dallo stesso Bergoglio . One is a purely secular vision, a vision we may say in which the general culture is progressive, leftist, pro-abortion; a culture that is highly individualistic and that seeks to advance a culture in which the individual who is already born and in good health and rich counts for everything. We need to begin from the presupposition that this life is not everything, that there is a much longer life that begins in the moment when you die in the body, and that at this point you can either be saved…or not saved. This “something else” was in large part the Catholic Church as long as John Paul II and Benedict XVI were among us, and the Catholic Church made a counter-cultural proposal with respect to the predominant message of the mass media. VIGANÒ. Una casa essenziale, proprio come il suo carattere. "Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito.". So, I have made the above explanation in order to briefly tell you that we have on the one hand the world of mass media and finance which supports this “progressive” culture. Papa 19 marzo 2013. The resignation of Benedict was absolutely unprecedented in modern times; it has created a gigantic confusion, and God knows if it was really necessary. It is not a question of being integralist or non-integralist. A PRIEST, A WITNESS: MCCARRICK MEN STILL RUN THE CHURCH. This is the reality. PERCHÉ BERGOGLIO NON SARÀ CHIAMATO MAHATMA. He talks about ecology, but – how strange! Una casa essenziale, proprio come il suo carattere. Grazie! STREAMING. This is the overall picture. Saint Paul said this two thousand years ago, and thus it is not a problem that is new to 2020. Many people outside the Church who love Pope Francis love him because he has very little Catholic content in what he says. For a couple of centuries now, and in particular the last 30-40 years, two great visions of the world have clashed. E quella parola è entrata qui: i poveri, i poveri. IL RAPPORTO MCCARRICK E MONS. Tutto questo lavoro è svolto da 60 persone che lavorano full-time e da altri circa 400 collaboratori (autori, giornalisti, traduttori, fotografi...). UN LIBRO DE BRUNO VOLPE. – migrants and NGOs are the great cause of international finance, Soros, the left, and so forth. Marco Tosatti: He is extremely controversial for a whole number of reasons. BESTIARIO CLERICALE. A Christian, a Catholic, cannot think that Jesus Christ saves you just like Buddha does. Ho sempre voluto fare il giornalista, mi hanno convinto sin da piccolo che si trattasse di una professione nobile e importante. Invia tramite email Postalo sul blog Condividi su Twitter Condividi su Facebook Condividi su Pinterest. When he dies, nothing will change. People are also enchanted by the fact that Bergoglio smiles, but this is not the truth – in fact he is a tough, ruthless, vindictive man. But everyone believes the story told by the sugary sweet media, because people have no other way of understanding and knowing the truth. If something saves, and it really saves, save only that. Sono nato a Genova; ho vissuto a Torino, Genova e – ormai da molti anni – a Roma. TESTIMONIANZA: GLI UOMINI DI MCCARRICK GUIDANO LA CHIESA. And on this point there is no doubt: he was elected, his election and the voting was not contested by any cardinal. Ogni mese, i nostri lettori visionano più di 50 milioni di pagine. Unfortunately, however, what is real is the state of absolutely extraordinary confusion that originated with the resignation of Benedict XVI. In the Gospel and in Saint Paul we read that there is no other name other than the name of Christ in which we can be saved. Lui mi abbracciò, mi baciò e mi disse: ‘Non dimenticarti dei poveri’. If someone believes the Gospel, he is a Christian. After that, I don’t know. There are several who say so. On the other hand we have a counter-culture, a more traditional culture if you will, in which the individual  exists, the family exists as an aggregating group to be defended and protected, in which values exist, and so forth. And so I ask myself, is he really such a controversial figure like some people want us to believe? Ecco qualche dato: Come potete immaginare, dietro questi numeri c'è un grande sforzo. Either you believe it, and then you are a Catholic, or you say that you can be saved in some other way, and then you are not a Catholic. E quando i voti sono saliti a due terzi, viene l’applauso consueto, perché è stato eletto il papa. Pope Francis is a very media-savvy pope, and he is a very nice and likeable pope, above all in his dealing with journalists and mass media. E nato Buenos Aires, Argentina 17 dicembre 1936. We ought to start by making something clear. Some of you have asked me if it would be possible to have the text of the interview, so I spent some time writing down the essential points of the conversation, and correcting a few errors that escaped my notice in the heat of the interview. What sense would this have? Ho “coperto” molti campi: cronaca, sindacale, parlamentare, educazione e scuola, diplomazia. IBAN:  IT07K3608105138267084567089 17 Novembre 2020VIROLOGOCRACIA – PODER A LOS VIRÓLOGOS. Ora la ricerca è stata trasmessa al Municipio di Buenos Aires affinché questo indirizzo venga incluso nell’ormai famoso tour turistico dei luoghi dove ha vissuto e lavorato Jorge Mario Bergoglio. ABOUT THE VIRUS, DEATH AND GOD. … Among other things, he is a person who definitely has had a great impact on the general public including non-Catholics, right from the moment of his election – Thanks to his way of introducing himself with that simple “Buona sera,” he was immediately a personality. MI RACCOMANDO, NIENTE PREGHIERE DI RIPARAZIONE. Let’s just say he is someone who is “outside the box,” if you want. There will be another conclave. Dal 1981 mi occupo in maniera continuativa di religione, e vivendo a Roma, in Italia, e in Occidente soprattutto di Vaticano. There are two ways of operating that are very different. Pubblicato da news a 12:39. © ITALIAONLINE document.write(new Date().getFullYear())2016 - P. IVA 03970540963. Poi, subito, in relazione ai poveri ho pensato a Francesco d’Assisi”. Ho “coperto” molti campi: cronaca, sindacale, parlamentare, educazione e scuola, diplomazia. COVID 19: MEDICI DI TUTTO IL MONDO CONTRO LA FOLLIA. Aleteia viene pubblicato quotidianamente in otto lingue: italiano, inglese, francese, spagnolo, portoghese, arabo, polacco e sloveno. Look, if you belong to a religion you ought to say so clearly, if not it makes no sense that you wear white, that you are the pope, the Vicar of Christ. Nessun commento: Posta un commento. LA SFIDA. And so Bergoglio as pope is renouncing what has always been the counter-cultural position of the Church for the last thirty years. LA SUORA VEGGENTE DI AKITA AVREBBE RICEVUTO UN NUOVO MESSAGGIO. Being Catholic means believing in a series of things; no one is obligated to be Catholic, but, for example, if I belong to a golf club I ought to follow the rules of golf; if I don’t then I ought to not be part of the golf club.


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