A variety of languages were spoken: Polish, German, Yiddish, Ruthenian, Lithuanian, Russian, Old Church Slavonic, Latin, Hebrew, and Turkic languages; the city was compared to Babylon. [77] In preparation, the historical centre of the city was restored, and its main monuments were renovated. The university has been ranked among the top 500 universities in the world by QS World University Rankings. [202] Pilies Street, the main artery, links the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania with Vilnius Town Hall. [195] Viešojo saugumo tarnyba prie Vidaus reikalų ministerijos is responsible for the prompt restoration of public order in extreme and special situations and ensure proper protection of important state objects and escorted subjects. [197] In the first 9 months of 2018, there were 1287 fire incidents in the city of Vilnius, during which 6 people died and 16 were traumatized. [400], In 2014 a mobile app was launched with public transport tickets on smartphones. Nevertheless, this has to be seen in the context of a shrinking working age population. there already were 79,363 Lithuanians in 1959, who accounted for 33.6% of all residents in the city), however the Lithuanization ideas were mostly replaced with the Sovietization of the population after the rigged election to the People's Seimas in 1940. 1979 sees the release of Gaetano's fifth studio album, Resta vile maschio, dove vai? There were no direct elections to the City Council and members to the council were chosen by the wealthy townspeople, merchants, workshops seniors. [155], It is known that the Vilnians enjoyed to expensively dress up already since the Middle Ages. [178] The tradition of making Vilnius palms is dated to the times of St. Casimir, who is a patron saint of Lithuania and Lithuanian youth. Civil unrest in 1861 was suppressed by the Imperial Russian Army. LE SARDINE FANNO PAURA A TUTTI LE 3 GRANDI BUGIE, SONDAGGIO : NESSUNA FIDUCIA A BEPPE GRILLO 82% LO DICE IL WEB ! [328], Vilnius has 11 vocational schools which provides vocational education.[329]. [222] However, poorer inhabitants and low income pensioners are often stopping the process adding to overall regionalistic policies of the politicians. [53], World War II began with the German invasion of Poland in September 1939. It is the seat of Lithuania's national government and the Vilnius District Municipality. A number of Protestant and other Christian groups[350] are represented in Vilnius, most notably the Lutheran Evangelicals and the Baptists. [177], Medininkai Castle, Liubavas Manor mill and Bareikiškės Manor are the most famous historical landmarks of the district. Also in 1979, during a concert on the beach in Capocotta (in fact also mentioned in the lyrics), before singing Nuntereggae più, Gaetano is said: [385] The airport is situated only 5 km (3.1 mi) away from the centre of the city, and has a direct rail link to Vilnius railway station. ", "Vilniuje pagerbiant žuvusius Sausio 13-ąją uždegti atminimo laužai", "Švento Patriko dieną Vilnelė vėl nusidažys žaliai", "Vilniaus istorija: kas vadovavo miestui? The city and its surroundings were designated as a separate state, called the Republic of Central Lithuania. [264] Almost the whole Lithuanian Jews population was exterminated during the Nazis organized Holocaust in 1941. Vilnius is situated in south-eastern Lithuania (54°41′N 25°17′E / 54.683°N 25.283°E / 54.683; 25.283) at the confluence of the Vilnia and Neris Rivers. The rulers of this federation held either or both of two titles: Grand Duke of Lithuania or King of Poland. The centre is a non-collection based institution committed to developing a broad range of international and Lithuanian exhibition projects as well as presenting a wide range of public programmes including lectures, seminars, performances, film and video screenings, and live new music events. Many old town apartment buildings there offers direct views to the iconic churches or the biggest landmarks of the city (e.g. The Vilnius city walls were built for protection between 1503 and 1522, comprising nine city gates and three towers,[22] and Sigismund August moved his court there in 1544. "Dizionario completo della Canzone Italiana" by Enrico Deregibus, Firenze, Giunti Editore, 2010. [160], As a result of centuries long Catholic traditions in Vilnius and Lithuania, the Catholic holidays (e.g. during their assault in 1390 around 14,000 Vilnians were killed) and the Lithuanian Civil War (1389–1392). [126] Though, it was closed in 2002, demolished in 2017 and the MO Museum was built instead of it. [210] Lithuanian Laurynas Gucevičius left a huge mark in the Classical style architecture of Vilnius. [37] The Act of Independence of Lithuania, declaring Lithuanian independence from any affiliation to any other nation, was issued in the city on 16 February 1918 with Vilnius as its capital. [326] Four out of five best rated schools in Lithuania are located in Vilnius, while the Vilnius Lyceum is the number one. Additionally, Eastern Rite Catholicism has maintained a presence in Vilnius since the Union of Brest. In 2017, the AROPE rate in rural areas was 37.2%, compared to 19.9% in cities. Socialist realism was the only recognized direction. Seven of them were beheaded on the Bleak Hill; the other seven were crucified and thrown into the Neris or Vilnia River. [136] There is a long-standing tradition of the Dainų šventė (Lithuanian Song and Dance Festival). Detto questo, conferma Lannutti, il cittadino potrà richiedere la restituzione degli interessi pagati fino alla scoperta dell’anomalia. Therefore, all the official procedures in Vilnius must be proceeded in the Lithuanian language, however the interpreter assistance is guaranteed by the state in some cases. I, of course, I laughed and sent him in the studio."[6]. [22] After a few decades of the Russian despotism, Vilnius demographics were once again affected by the November Uprising in 1830 and the January Uprising in 1863, during which rebels attempts were made to restore the statehood. Vilnius is the starting point of the A1 motorway that runs across Lithuania and connects the three major cities (Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda) and is a part of European route E85.


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