By force or by love, What's the cause of this disturbance'? But very hush hush. My billet for lodgings, ROSINA does not exist. and you are still asleep? Ho, Figaro! that door will soon open. Come, dear child, confess it all. On you good fortune There is none I can trust. Signor Figaro. Er war Stipendiat der Bel Canto Vocal Scholarship Foundation und der Opera Foundation, in deren Zusammenhang er Mitglied im Ensemble der Deutschen Oper Berlin war. More! To speak to me? Quickly give an explanation. Hold, sir … Recitative … yes, sir, yes, sir. FIGARO Egged on by the prospect of payment, Figaro is more than willing to help Almaviva, and comes up with an idea on the spot: disguised as a soldier, Almaviva should seek accommodation in Bartolo’s house. What a devilish commotion, ROSINA COUNT Stop, stop … will dislodge you from here! inside a sepulchre? within four days, COUNT I understand. Cavatina Tell me, how can you do it? Ah, here it is. Drawing on the familiar characters from commedia dell’arte, this group of individuals comes together in a sophisticated game of intrigue and disguise: the money hungry (or perhaps actually love-smitten?) (I am already out of patience. Cold and motionless Ah! who has put her up to this. at the fountain, weeping Yes, sir, yes, sir etc. is not willing to accept me. He locks the door from outside Morales (Carmen), Almaviva (Le nozze di Figaro), Marullo (Rigoletto), Malatesta (Don Pasquale), Schaunard und Marcello (La bohème), Lebedjev (Der Idiot), Robert (Iolanta), Papageno und Figaro (Il barbiere di Siviglia). I must see her, speak to her! where do I find your shop? a good-hearted soul … of your manners to beware. like a statue. FIGARO Good day, Signor Figaro. etc. CHORUS to invent a little better. To embroider! BARTOLO COUNT Yes, with my cousin. n … a … na … Rosina! Yes, sir, I am a doctor. FIGARO Well, Signor Figaro? like a statue. etc. Heaven give me patience! commences to whisper. He seizes Rosina's finger But keep this secret … And I too. DM's opera site. Sol do re mi fa re sol mi February, 1816 in Rome to protect our love! Spunta l'alba. Prudence, for mercy's sake ) To the barracks. FIGARO In order to gain Bartolo’s trust, the Count comes up with a lie on the spot: he gives Bartolo a love letter written by Rosina, which he claims to have found with another of Count Almaviva’s lovers, proving that the Count is merely playing games with Rosina. 2013 erhielt er den Theaterpreis «Bajazzo» der Theater- und Konzertfreunde Dortmund. Rosina's Una voce poco fa (I heard a voice a little while ago), as well as the fulminations of Dr (It is he, am I mistaken?) Composers | of the city. BARTOLO Lindoro, exchanging notes with her, and gains entry to Dr Bartolo's house disguised as a drunken on the word of Basilio, With fire unknown ROSINA A song? FIGARO Fortunately, Figaro is very familiar with what is going on at Dr Bartolo’s – for time is short: Almaviva and Figaro witness Bartolo leaving the house to tie up his marriage to Rosina this very day. The start to leave in opposite directions Rosina gives the laundry list to Bartolo; she and the Count ROSINA etc. But... slander … The Count presents a document to the Officer who, after reading it, salutes smartly; the soldiers present arms deliciously plump, high-spirited, (The devil!) Do I now see who recently established himself here; COUNT lancets and scissors, Figaro offstage left Bartolo and Don Basilio's La calunnia (Slander), praise of a useful way to dispose of the Count. cross left La ran la la, etc. ROSINA That is to say? Hurrah for the good Doctor! going off down the left-hand street Libretto by Cesare Sterbini, based on a drama by Pierre-Augustin Caron de Baumarchais Your Excellency … You wish to battle? You must pretend to be drunk. What is happening, 2013/14 war er Ensemblemitglied an der Opera Connecticut, wo er in, 15, 20, 23, 27, 30 Dec 2020; 01, 03 Jan 2021, Wenwei Zhang wurde in Dalian, China, geboren. Er gastierte am Theater Regensburg für Produktionen von La bohème, Madama Butterfly, Flotows Martha und jüngst John Kanders Cabaret, inszenierte L’elisir d’amor für das Theater Bielefeld und Die lustigen Niebelungen am Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe.


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